Management of cardiovascular disorders

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This chapter will consider the management of the most important cardiovascular disorders encountered in feline practice, botably primary cardiomyopathies, both asymptomatic and those presenting as congestive heart failure, and arterial thromboembolism

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9.1 Three different presentations of CHF. Ascites. Pulmonary oedema. Pleural effusion. Cytology and biochemistry of fluid obtained from the abdominal or pleural effusion in CHF is often compatible with a ‘modified transudate’ (see Chapter 5.1).
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9.2 A 10-year-old male DSH cat presented with ATE and bilateral hindlimb paralysis. The metatarsal and digital pads of the hind foot are dramatically pale and were cold to the touch.
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9.3 Post-mortem examination of an 8-year-old female DSH cat that had been euthanased following diagnosis of severe ATE. The cat presented with bilateral hindlimb paresis and echocardiographic evidence of myocardial disease. Both femoral pulses were palpable at presentation. A large thrombus (green arrowhead) was lodged at the trifurcation of the internal iliac and sacral arteries.
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