Managing the planning and construction process

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It would be difficult to overstate the potential value of well located, well presented and accessible premises to the image and promotion of a veterinary business. The premises should be seen as a major marketing tool, presenting the desired image in terms of professionalism, approachability, capability and value. This chapter considers the merits of development versus new premises; planning consent and legal requirements regarding building structure; and the construction phase.

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1.3 Although longstanding, these vision splays offer a view along the road for people leaving the practice, and a good view of the entrance when turning in. The bollards help protect pedestrians and the wall, and stop people thinking this is a parking bay.
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1.4 This photograph, taken during the construction phase, offers a plan of the drainage system. The foul outflow from the practice drains into a septic tank (below the inspection chamber cover), with the outfall from that passing through a rectangular reed bed for further treatment. The treated water then drains into a balancing pond before discharge into a watercourse. The reed bed a few months after planting.
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1.5 A run-down pig and poultry farm that was purchased, demolished and decontaminated. The finished relocation site.
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1.7 A tree with a preservation order (TPO) can block development and also needs consent for pruning, trimming or lopping.
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1.9 Car park bay marking, including of bays designated for disabled clients, may be a requirement of Planning Consent.
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1.11 The construction phase is when costs can start to mount if changes are made to the original plans.
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