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Proficiency in basic ultrasonography within the practice will enhance diagnostic capabilities and reduce the need for referral. Ultrasonography can also be extremely useful in acute situations such as whelpings or cardiac tamponade, where referral is not an option. This chapter looks at equipment and management of the ultrasonography service.

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Image of 12.1
12.1 A compact portable ultrasound machine. (© BCF Technology)
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12.2 A larger machine on a trolley.
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12.3 Cables and transducers projecting from the side of the machine can easily be damaged.
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12.5 Transducers: Linear array; microcurved array; phased array; mechanical sector annular array. (Reproduced from the )
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12.6 Adjustable-height tables fitted with removable tops with cut-out sections facilitate scanning (especially echocardiography) and offer flexibility for other uses. Mobile stools improve ergonomics and operator comfort. The padded table improves patient comfort. A narrower trolley table is useful for moving patients. The ergonomic saddle stool aids posture to reduce operator back problems and has reverse-friction castors to give stability whilst scanning.
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12.7 A stand-off pad for use with linear array transducers. (Reproduced from the )
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12.8 Darkening the room is very helpful for interpreting images, particularly for colour-flow Doppler.
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12.9 Calm effective restraint is key to a successful examination.
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12.10 Practices seeing a significant number of giant-breed dogs may need an extra long, narrow table with lower height adjustment to accommodate the dog effectively in lateral recumbency. Two nurses are often needed to restrain larger dogs for scanning.
Image of 12.11
12.11 Transducer probes stored in a rack on the ultrasound machine.


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