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The professional context

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This chapter looks at a range of issues relating to the status of being a member of a self-regulating profession. The influences impacting on the veterinary profession include primary, secondary and tertiary legislation, approved codes of conduct, codes of conduct and best practice protocols. For veterinary surgeons in the UK, these will include legislation affecting every member of society and, in addition, that applying specifically to members of the RCVS.

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21.3 Veterinary nurse badge awarded to all qualified VNs until the end of 2011. Registered veterinary nurse badge awarded to RVNs from 2012. An example of a card issued annually to Registered VNs; Listed VNs carry a pale purple card. (a,b © RCVS)
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21.7 All strays presented at the practice should be scanned for a microchip. As scanners vary in sensitivity, choosing a good quality scanner that can detect a range of chips is vital.
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