Abnormalities of the throat and neck

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Abnormalities of the throat and neck are among the less common presentations in general canine practice; however, they can be a cause of frustration as many of them are difficult to deal with. This chapter will highlight some of the more common presentations and how to avoid some of the pitfalls in dealing with these cases. This chapter looks at swellings and lumps, wounds and abnormal function.

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23.1 Typical gross appearance of a cervical (submandibular) mucocele. (The needle is for size comparison.) The head is towards the bottom of the photograph.
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23.2 Intraoperative view of sialocele dissection. The head of the dog is to the left. Allis tissue forceps are placed on the submandibular gland and dissection is proceeding towards the sublingual gland.
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23.3 A bite wound on the neck. It is always worth remembering that the visible skin wound often gives no indication as to the severity of underlying wounds. Fortunately in this case, other than muscle damage no vital structures were affected.
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