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With the increase in the number of rabbits kept as pets, and longer life spans, together with the high expectations of owners regarding veterinary care, there are more reports of neoplastic disease in rabbits and its treatment. This chapter reviews the evidence, the types of neoplasia seen in rabbits, and their diagnosis and treatment.

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Image of 18.3
18.3 Radiograph of the proximal femur in a rabbit that had become acutely lame. The tumour eventually proved to be an osteosarcoma.
Image of 18.4
18.4 Rabbit positioned for an MRI scan. (Courtesy of K Eatwell)
Image of 18.5
18.5 A piece of tissue removed from a lesion is being used to make an impression smear. The cut surface of the tissue is pressed on to the slide multiple times. This procedure can also be used on an ulcerated lesion on a live animal.
Image of 18.6
18.6 A slide with completed impression smears. This will subsequently be stained and examined under a microscope.
Image of 18.7
18.7 Jamshidi needle and stylet.
Image of 18.8
18.8 Surgical removal of a subcutaneous fibroma from the ventral chest. Note the bruising and discoloration of the overlying skin.
Image of 18.10
18.10 A rabbit under general anaesthesia positioned for radiotherapy. (Courtesy of K Eatwell)
Image of 18.11
18.11 A rabbit undergoing radiotherapy. The area of interest is at the intersection of the green beams of light. (Courtesy of K Eatwell)
Image of 18.12
18.12 This radiograph shows a calcified abdominal mass; uterine adenocarcinoma was diagnosed on post-mortem histology.
Image of 18.13
18.13 This rabbit was presented for fracture of the tibia and fibula. Radiography showed a large abdominal mass which proved to be a uterine adenocarcinoma. There were also secondary masses in the thorax.
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