Haemodynamic support during the anaesthetic period

image of Haemodynamic support during the anaesthetic period
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This chapter describes the use of drugs which can modify or augment the function of the autonomic nervous system to enable optimal tissue perfusion.

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Image of 17.1
17.1 Metabolic pathway for the synthesis of catecholamines.
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17.2 Diagram of the sympathetic nervous system postganglionic synaptic cleft and surrounding area showing the position of alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenoceptors.
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17.3 (a) Diagram of an arterial waveform showing the systolic, mean and diastolic pressures, dicrotic notch, and areas dependent on inotropy and volume displacement. (b) Changes in position of the dicrotic notch during states of vasodilation and vasoconstriction.
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17.4 Simplified diagram showing the interrelationships of cardiopulmonary system homeostasis in order to maintain tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery. The suggested treatment or assessment is indicated in red.
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17.9 Flowchart for managing mild and severe hypotension. Use with Figures 17.7 and 17.8 .
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