Approach to gastrointestinal emergencies

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An ‘acute abdomen’ is defined as sudden abdominal pain or signs of gastrointestinal upset of an unidentified cause. Any patient presenting with signs of abdominal distress should be promptly evaluated. The purpose of this chapter is to review the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the assessment of the patient presenting with acute abdominal signs.

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11.1 Microscopic images of a septic peritoneal effusion in a dog. (a) X40 lens. (b) X100 oil immersion lens.
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11.5 Typical appearance of severe haemorrhagic gastroenteritis.
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11.6 Correct placement of a naso-oesophageal tube in a dog for provision of enteral nutrition. Note that orthogonal radiographs should be obtained to ensure correct placement of the distal end of the tube within the oesophagus.
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