Team approach to the critically ill patient – the role of the veterinary nurse

image of Team approach to the critically ill patient – the role of the veterinary nurse
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This chapter is focused on the team approach to the critically ill patient, emphasizing the role of the ECC nurse. Each of the topics discussed in this chapter: global monitoring and patient assessment, critical thinking, record keeping and communication, collaboration and successful teamwork has its individual merits. However, when combined, they outline a team-centred approach to caring for the critically ill veterinary patient.

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Image of 25.1
25.1 The oral mucous membranes, showing the site where a capillary refill time should be performed.
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25.2 A multi-parameter monitor displaying a continuous ECG with a heart rate of 61 bpm.
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25.3 A veterinary nurse performing a cardiovascular examination by ausculting the heart. A blood pressure cuff can also be seen in place on the right forelimb.
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25.4 (a) A patient in an oxygen cage. (b) A patient receiving oxygen supplementation by mask.
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25.8 An example of a blank ICU treatment sheet (front and back).
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25.9 An example of a completed treatment sheet showing (right) the transcription of a patient’s orders and (left) documentation of vitals.
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25.10 Discussions about a case provide an opportunity to bond with other members of the clinical team.
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