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Surgical instruments made from a variety of metals, including copper, bronze and brass, date back at least as far as ancient Greek civilization. The chapter reviews materials; instrument manufacture; orthopaedic instrumentation and instrument care.

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9.1 (a) Large, medium and small Langenbeck retractors. (b) Senn retractor with a sharp claw at one end and a smooth blade at the other.
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9.2 Gelpi retractors.
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9.3 (a) AO and (b) Freer periosteal elevators.
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9.4 Makita battery drill modified for orthopaedic use.
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9.5 (a) Standard and (b) spur-tipped orthopaedic drill bits.
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9.6 (a) Hall Mini-Driver™ pneumatic hand piece with different attachments: (b) chuck and (c) pin driver (with chuck key).
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9.7 Hall Micro 100™ sagittal oscillating saw.
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9.8 Hall Surgairtome Two high-speed pneumatic drill, long burr guard and a selection of burrs.
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9.9 (a) Serrated bone-holding forceps with speedlock. (b) Pointed reduction forceps with ratchet.
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9.10 Plate-holding forceps: (a) Lowman, (b) ball-tipped, (c) self-centring.
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9.11 (a) Single-ended curette. (b) Double-action rongeurs.
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9.12 (a) Modular osteotome (left) and mallet (right). (b) The tips of an osteotome (left) and a chisel (right). Different sized osteotome blades can be attached to the hand piece.
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9.13 Drill guides. (a) A combined spring-loaded universal and tubular guide. (b) A dynamic compression plate (DCP) load-neutral guide.
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9.14 Bone tap and handle.
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9.15 (a) Bending irons. (b) Hand-held plate bending pliers. The lever inherent to the pliers allow significantly more force to be generated, which aids contouring of larger plates. (c) Bench-mounted press. The lever inherent to the bench-mounted press allow significantly more force to be generated, which aids contouring of larger plates.
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9.16 (a) New and (b) worn hexagonal screwdriver tips.
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9.17 Pin cutters with close-up of damaged tips (inset).
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9.18 (a) Double loop cerclage tensioning device. (b) Wire twisters.
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9.19 Jacobs chuck and chuck key .
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