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This chapter covers game species from the Galliformes. Some of these species are not indigenous to the British Isles but have become established over several centuries. Many are farmed semi-intensively prior to release, such as pheasants and partridges, and are therefore not truly wild. This chapter covers: ecology and biology; anatomy and physiology; capture, handling and transportation; clinical assessment; first aid and hospitalization; anaesthesia and analgesia; specific conditions; therapeutics; husbandry; rehabilitation and release; and legal considerations.

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Image of 27.1
27.1 (a) Male (right) and female (left) pheasants. (b) Red-legged partridge. (c) Grey partridge. (d) Red grouse. (© Andrew Kelly)
Image of 27.3
27.3 Captive pheasants. The Reeves pheasant (; left) is a non-native species and may not be released. The common pheasant is on the right and, although not technically native, is releasable. (Courtesy of Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital)
Image of 27.4
27.4 The feet of a male pheasant, showing the prominent spurs. (© John Chitty)
Image of 27.5
27.5 Correct handling technique for an adult female pheasant. The index and middle fingers are held around the wings whilst the ring and little fingers hold the upper legs. (© John Chitty)
Image of 27.6
27.6 (a) This male common pheasant presented with chronic unilateral lameness and severe weight loss. (b) The contralateral foot showed evidence of pododermatitis and the bird was euthanased. (Courtesy of Emma Keeble)
Image of 27.8
27.8 Post-mortem examination of a pheasant. The white nodular lesions visible on the liver are due to mycobacteriosis (avian tuberculosis). (© John Chitty)
Image of 27.9
27.9 sinusitis in a red-legged partridge. (© John Chitty)
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