Euthanasia: grief and bereavement

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Given the relatively short lifespan of most avian patients, the terminal bird is a daily presentation. This justifies spending time and effort to provide a good euthanasia service. The aim of this chapter is to help all readers have a better grasp of the complexities surrounding euthanasia, to be better prepared to assist clients and to care for themselves.

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13.1 African Grey Parrots are a commonly kept companion bird species, renowned for their talking abilities.
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13.2 Although ostensibly ‘performance’ birds, raptors are often highly valued on an emotional level by their owners. (© John Chitty)
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13.3 Support paperwork, such as this brochure produced by PetSavers, may be beneficial to clients.
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13.4 A geriatric Cockatiel. Owners who are aware of the expected lifespan of their bird can more effectively manage their expectations of pet ownership. (Courtesy of Dr Melinda Cowan)
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13.5 Some owners elect to have their birds individually cremated and the ashes returned. (© Deborah Monks)
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13.6 PetSavers sympathy card. A condolence card sent to clients following euthanasia of their pet bird is often appreciated.
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