Stranguria and haematuria

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Stranguria and haematuria may occur concurrently or separately, and are often associated with other clinical abnormalities. This chapter defines stranguria and haematuria, examines possible causes, and presents the diagnostic approach to these abnormalities that are common in patients with disorders of the urinary tract.

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1.4 Diagnostic approach to haematuria (confirmation and work-up).
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1.5 (a) Haematuria before and after centrifugation. Following centrifugation the urine is no longer turbid, the pigment has largely dissipated and there is a red sediment pellet. (b) Haemoglobinuria before and after centrifugation. The prespin sample is similar in appearance to the haematuric urine in (a) but is less turbid. The urine remains pink following centrifugation and there is no visible sediment.
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