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The terms jaundice and icterus are used interchangeably and refer to a clinical sign characterized by deposition of bilirubin pigment in tissues, resulting in a yellowish discolouration of these tissues. Jaundice can be categorized as pre-hepatic, hepatic or post-hepatic. This chapter covers relevant history, physical examination, diagnostic tests and differential diagnosis

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25.1 Microhaematocrit capillary tube containing a blood sample from a jaundiced dog with immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia.
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25.3 Diagram representing the normal metabolism of bilirubin and excretion of urobilinogen. (From )
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25.5 Jaundice in a young Domestic Shorthaired cat with haemolytic anaemia secondary to infection.
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25.8 Jaundiced soft palate in a young cat during hospitalization for severe sepsis.
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25.9 Petechiation and orange discolouration of the penis in a dog with a bleeding disorder due to hepatic insufficiency.
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25.10 Suggested algorithm for evaluation of a dog or cat with jaundice. FNA = fine-needle aspiration; RBC = red blood cell.
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