Small intestine: acute disease

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While the causative factors of acute GI disease are often unknown and many conditions are self-limiting with simple supportive care, that is not always the case, and consideration should be given to potential causes that require active intervention for successful resolution. This chapter provides overviews of self-limiting enteritis, infectious enteritis and conditions requiring surgical intervention.

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34.8 (a) Right lateral and (b) ventrodorsal views of an 8-year-old male neutered Domestic Shorthaired cat. Gathering of the small intestine is visible in the mid-abdomen. (c) A linear foreign body was detected on ultrasonography as parallel hyperechoic lines within the small intestinal lumen. (Courtesy of Professor M Vignoli, VTH Teramo University)
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34.9 Ultrasonograms of the abdomen of a dog with a surgically confirmed intestinal intussusception. (a) The longitudinal view shows a double intestinal wall, typical of an intestinal loop containing another intestinal loop. (b) On the transverse view, the hyperechoic mesenteric fat containing hypoechoic vessels is visible. (Courtesy of Professor M Vignoli, VTH Teramo University)
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