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Figure 1 Thoracocentesis is usually performed with the animal in sternal recumbence. A rectangular area in the mid-ventral aspect of the thoracic wall is clipped and prepared aseptically (sometimes bilaterally). The preferred site for thoracocentesis is between the seventh and the ninth intercostal space.
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Figure 2 Small-bore wire-guided thoracostomy tube kit includes a 14 gauge x 20 cm (or 12 gauge x 30 cm) multi-fenestrated chest tube, two introducers, 60 cm guide wire, suture wings, normally closed valve and tethered cap.
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Figure 3 A pleural port kit includes a round tipped fenestrated silicone catheter, which usually is placed within the thoracic cavity and a titanium port provided with a silicone septum, which is placed subcutaneously. This is connected to the fenestrated silicone catheter by means of a blue boot.


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