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Abdominal pain is underdiagnosed in animals for a number of reasons and inadequate management can have a major negative impact on the recovery of animals and their welfare. This chapter describes the detection of abdominal pain and provides options for treatment. Pancreatitis; Pyelonephritis; Oesophagitis.

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7.6 In between bouts of vomiting, this Beagle was repeatedly demonstrating the ‘prayer position’, which continued despite administration of intermittent doses of methadone.
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7.7 This female dog was repeatedly stretching while in the home environment prior to presentation, having shown increased drinking and urination in the previous days.
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7.8 This dog shows a tucked-up tail, slight hunching of the back and appears unsettled and uncomfortable following abdominal surgery. The anorexia in this case could be due to abdominal pain; however, the dog had gastrointestinal reflux during anaesthesia prompting the concern for concurrent oesophagitis.
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