fIDEXX topic of the month: Canine brucellosis: what you need to know


Canine brucellosis is an infectious and zoonotic disease caused by a bacterium called which is highly contagious between dogs. This disease is uncommonly encountered in the UK and is a reportable disease. Due to the increase in numbers of dogs being imported into the UK from Eastern Europe, where the infection is endemic, the risk of this disease in the UK is increasing, and the first reported case of dog to human transmission has now been reported. Brucellosis in dogs can cause reproductive signs including abortion and infertility, but many animals may be asymptomatic. The greatest risk of exposure is contact with aborted tissue or reproductive fluids. This short webinar discusses the clinical presentation, available diagnostic tests and treatment options for this emerging infectious disease. This webinar is provided by BSAVA Education Partner IDEXX. A collection of IDEXX ‘topic of the month’ webinars is available here.

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