Regions Now: Rabbit Anaesthesia

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This course will cover the key concepts of rabbit anaesthesia from admit to discharge and all points in between. Every aspect is accessible to GP vets, and the emphasis will be placed on drugs and equipment found in most practices. Attendees can expect two short, recorded webinars covering anaesthetic drug options and anaesthetic monitoring as well as an interactive Zoom session where trouble-shooting during the anaesthetic period will be the focus. The aim of this short course is to support GP vets to use their transferrable knowledge and skills in a less familiar species, to encourage more GP vets to safely anaesthetise rabbits routinely so that when the challenging cases arrive, they have built on this knowledge and gained experience to tackle them successfully. Regions Now sessions are free to BSAVA members and available for non-members to book - visit the Regions page of the BSAVA website for details of future Regions Now events. Recordings will be available for 3 years via the BSAVA Webinar Library.

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