An approach to papules and pustules

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Papular and pustular eruptions are extremely common in veterinary dermatology. This chapter covers their differential diagnosis and the clinical approach to them.

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13.2 Large pustules that span multiple follicles in a case of impetigo.
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13.3 Lesion distribution associated with sarcoptic mange in the dog. (a) Typical lesion distribution includes the ventral abdomen, the margins of the pinnae, elbows and hocks. (b) Crusting and lesions on the margins of the pinna.
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13.4 Large pustules and honey-coloured crusts on the concave surface of the pinna of a patient with pemphigus.
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13.5 In patients with superficial pyoderma, lesions may be seen at various stages of development. Note that erythematous macules (yellow arrow), papules (white arrow) and collarettes (black arrow) are visible in this case.
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13.6 Severe erythema and papular eruption in the inguinal area of a dog with a contact allergy to grass.
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13.7 Diagnostic approach to a case presented with papular eruptions. DTM = dermatophyte test medium.

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