An approach to disorders of pigmentation

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This chapter discusses the differential diagnosis for both hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation disorders, as well as the clinical approach to them.

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16.1 Tanning observed in an alopecic white Poodle incompletely protected from the sun by a coat.
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16.3 Diagnostic approach to hypopigmentation disorders.
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16.4 Waardenburg syndrome in a white Persian kitten, which presented with complete deafness and heterochromic irides.
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16.5 Persistence of nasal markings in a case of idiopathic acquired nasal hypopigmentation.
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16.6 Vitiligo in a young Siamese crossbreed cat.
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16.7 Uveodermatological syndrome in a Siberian Husky, with partial depigmentation of the nose, muzzle and lips.
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16.9 Diagnostic approach to hyperpigmentation disorders.
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16.10 Multifocal post-inflammatory hyperpigmented macules in a case of bacterial folliculitis.
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16.11 Diffuse hyperpigmentation in a case of generalized demodicosis in a French Bulldog.
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16.12 Three-year-old Domestic Shorthaired ginger cat with lentigo simplex.
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