An approach to canine symmetrical alopecia and management

image of An approach to canine symmetrical alopecia and management
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This chapter discusses the clinical approach to canine symmetrical alopecia before providing more information about congenital alopecia, endocrinopathies, follicular dysplasias and other conditions.

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18.1 Evaluation of canine alopecia.
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18.4 (a) Peruvian hairless dog. (b) Chinese crested dog.
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18.5 Hypothyroidism in a Golden Retriever. (a) Tragic face with myxoedema and poor hair coat. (b) Alopecia and hyperpigmentation of the bridge of the nose. (c) Alopecia of the tail.
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18.6 (a) Pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism in a Boston Terrier, showing alopecia and pot-bellied appearance. (b) Hyperadrenocorticism in a mixed-breed dog. Note the alopecia and thin abdominal skin showing dermal blood vessels.
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18.7 Specific laboratory procedures to evaluate pituitary and adrenal gland function in suspected cases of canine hyperadrenocorticism. ACTH = adrenocorticotropic hormone; HDDST = high-dose dexamethasone suppression test; LDDST = low-dose dexamethasone suppression test; UCCR = urinary cortisol:creatinine ratio.
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18.8 Pituitary dwarfism in a 1.5-year-old German Shepherd Dog bitch.
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18.9 (a) Yorkshire Terrier with colour dilution alopecia affecting the blue area of the body. (b) Chihuahua showing colour dilution alopecia on the head and ear pinnae, with a normal hair coat in the brown areas.
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18.10 Canine recurrent flank alopecia in (a) a Boxer and (b) a Mastiff.
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18.11 Pomeranian with alopecia X showing hair loss (a) around the neck and (b) on the rump. (c) The same dog after melatonin treatment.
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18.12 Portuguese Water Dog with follicular dysplasia affecting the trunk.
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18.13 Miniature Pinscher with pattern alopecia affecting (a) the ventral chest and (b) the caudomedial aspect of the thighs.
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18.14 Boston Terrier with pattern alopecia affecting the ventral chest (a) before and (b) after melatonin administration.
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