Mastering uncertainty: communicating to inspire confidence

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: So much change in 2020 and it hasn’t stopped yet in 2021! The ‘ifs’, the ‘buts’, the ‘possibilities’ or lack of them. Uncertainty is challenging, draining and can be very unsettling for many and yet nothing is ever certain! How do you manage yourself through periods of change and uncertainty? Do you spend countless hours and amounts of energy trying to control the uncontrollables? Feel anxious and unsure of what you could, should and will do? Feel drained by the situation and unsure of where to turn? If so you aren’t alone, at the end of the day regardless of your role, you are a human with emotions not a robot – so what can you do? This interactive session discusses the impact of uncertainty on how we work, live and feel. It shares practical tools to use and take back to your team to help you feel more settled, less drained and more in control of what you are focusing on during these ever changing and uncertain times. It addresses the role of the leader and how your role is not to know all the answers but to understand and manage expectations of your team, your clients and yourself to help you lead effectively through change and challenge.

: with Alan Robinson.

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