BREXIT – how has it changed the recruitment landscape?

image of BREXIT – how has it changed the recruitment landscape?
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Brexit brings opportunities and challenges for those looking for veterinary professionals to be part of their team. While every non-UK professional is equal, this presents unique challenges, as in reality not every non-UK professional is equal. Non-UK qualified vets have accounted for more than half of the new RCVS registrations, but these numbers are likely to drop post-Brexit, reducing the pool of available vets to fill UK-based vacancies. It’s possible that we may see an increase in non-EU professional registrations and a drop in EU registrations. On the other hand, working with non-UK residents now poses a bigger challenge for many practices, as this means any overseas vet will require a visa sponsorship. While this can be beneficial in terms of retention, it can be costly for the practice, both financially and in terms of overall staff retention, especially if the new professional is not a good fit for the practice. Working with overseas vets also poses more than just a professional adaptation challenge. Culture shock works on both parties, the newcomer and the practice, and none are usually prepared for this, leading to miscommunication, internal conflict and expectation mismatches.

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