Giving chemotherapy in practice is not too difficult!

image of Giving chemotherapy in practice is not too difficult!
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As more people pursue cancer treatment for their pets there is growing demand for chemotherapy treatment which many clients would like to pursue within their local practice. Chemotherapy can be safely delivered in general practice and can result in a satisfying relationship for the veterinarian, client and pet. The main risks associated with chemotherapy are exposure of personnel and risk of side effects to patients. The practice should ensure appropriate protective equipment, cytotoxic delivery systems and disposal systems are in place. Many practices will have their own guidelines and standard operating practices, and resources are available such as the ACVIM guidelines on chemotherapy administration. The risk to patients is managed by the veterinarian developing a robust knowledge of potential side effects and ensuring that clients are provided with information on actions to take in the event of suspected chemotherapy toxicity. This lecture provides a practical guide to giving chemotherapy in practice.

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