How do I take my basic heart scan further?

image of How do I take my basic heart scan further?
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You can reliably obtain the standard 2D echo views and identify common cardiac pathologies. But you feel as if you are on a plateau and want to progress? If you are obtaining measurements from your echos, to compare with published reference ranges for species, breed or body weight of the animal, how repeatable are you with those measurements? A number of pitfalls are possible in measuring 2D and M-mode image and we will indicate how to avoid these. Obtaining reliable spectral Doppler is critical – you need to be able to optimise your 2D images to ensure your spectral Doppler cursor is parallel to blood flow. A thorough understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac diseases is needed to problem solve if you identify an abnormality. Can you identify and interpret evidence of a volume overload or a pressure overload? You might have different levels of echo studies: triage in a patient with clinical signs; goal focused – e.g. staging a dog with myxomatous mitral valve disease; systematic Doppler echocardiography such as in a patient with a murmur with suspected congenital heart disease. This session identifies possible areas of echocardiography in which you can progress.

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