20x20 visions of a greener future now

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: This lecture will help us to understand the distance travelled annually in the UK in our cars and vans; recognise the damage done by air pollution on human health in the short term; understand the carbon emissions contribute to the climate crisis, causing damage in the short, medium and longer term; the amount of staff and client generated carbon emissions and air pollution during their commute or travel to the surgery; the actions we can take today which provide a lot of positive benefits to individuals, the practice staff, and the wider community; how practices can facilitate behaviour change for staff and clients and the multiple co-benefits of doing so.

: with Sarah Sheppard.

: with Claire Roberts.

A presentation demonstrating the sustainability journey of Minster Veterinary Practice so far. Since October 2020 we have been trying to reduce our environmental impact with the support from Investors in the Environment. See what we have achieved up to this point, what spurred the whole team to get on board, and what we envision for the future.Going green – the NHS experience: The NHS is responsible for 5% of UK carbon emissions, and 5% of travel in the UK. It is also the largest employer and owns a vast estate across the country. This gives great potential for improvements using both technology and employee engagement. This short presentation will feature examples from Northampton General Hospital, a medium sized acute hospital, as well some drawn from other parts of the NHS, demonstrating the breadth of projects used to reduce the environmental impact of the Health Service.

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