fSession 6: Internal medicine


Oral presentations given during the BSAVA Abstract sessions 24-26 May 2021. Retrospective analysis of the clinical features and outcome in 38 dogs with cholelithiasis on abdominal ultrasound; A retrospective study assessing ultrasonographic progression of canine biliary sludge (BS) over time; Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy cases in emergency veterinary practices in the UK; Anaplasma phagocytophilum in domestic cats from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and clinical/ laboratory abnormalities in 17 Pcr-positive tested cats (2008-2020); The efficacy of potassium chloride in decreasing calcium oxalate relative supersaturation in dogs and cats; The effect of increasing levels of potassium chloride on urine specific gravity, urine volume, and relative supersaturation in dogs and cats; The fluoroscopic appearance of the canine prostatic artery; The relationship between age, urine dipstick and sediment examination findings on the presence of proteinuria in dogs with positive urine cultures; Long-term outcome of cystoscopic-guided laser ablation of intramural ectopic ureters in female dogs and effect of post procedural neutering on urinary continence: a single center experience; Agreement between voided urine samples and cystocentesis samples for urine protein-to-creatinine ratio (UPC) determination in cats; Congenital urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence in 11 bitches: a retrospective preliminary study.

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