fSession 10: Clinical pathology; dermatology; primary practice and the profession


Oral presentations given during the BSAVA Abstract sessions 24-26 May 2021. Clinical potential of five serum biomarkers in the diagnostic work-up of dogs with osteoarthritis; Canine peripheral lymphadenopathy in a mediterranean area: a retrospective study of 128 cases; Resistance of canine staphylococcus pseudintermedius to selected topical and systemic antimicrobials in the UK; Pet owners’ willingness to pay for therapy outcomes in acute canine pruritus; Enhancing technical compliance and minimizing the exposure to topicals by giving oral flea treatment in cats: a case series of 17 cats treated with lotilaner; Reshaping surgical specialist training in small animal surgery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic; A survey to explore the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of UK veterinary professionals towards adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting; A study to determine the working life of UK gundogs and whether owners believed they stopped work prematurely; 10 years of the PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report: surveillance data on the welfare of the UK’s pet dogs, cats, and rabbits; Why we trust our in-clinic laboratory results?; Preliminary findings of a multi-practice survey (Anicura Group) into the diagnostic approach and prescribing habits of first opinion veterinarians for uncomplicated canine acute diarrhoea (UCAD).

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