Antimicrobials in dermatology

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Case-based approach to bacterial infections in dogs

  • Understand the different types of bacterial skin infections of dogs - surface, superficial and deep
  • Using clinical cases and images, be able to recognise and understand the visual appearance of these lesions
  • To understand when to use topicals versus systemic treatment based on the type of infection (depth)

Skin and ear culture: why and when should I do it?

  • Understand the circumstances when you should collect an ear and skin culture swab
  • Assessment of the culture results: a case baesd approach. What do the results tell you and how should ythey be applied to the case?
  • Acknowledge and understand the importance of antimicrobial stewardship and how this can be applied to dermatology cases - what can we do to avoid using systemic antibiotics
  • this recording will be available until end of October 2024
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