Topical polypharmaceuticals for ear disease

The following POM-V preparations contain two or more drugs and are used topically in the ear. For further information see relevant monographs. In addition, there are a number of AVM-GSL preparations used for ear cleaning etc. that are not listed here.

Trade name Antibacterial Steroid Antifungal
Aurizon Marbofloxacin Dexamethasone Clotrimazole
Canaural Fusidic acid, Framycetin Prednisolone Nystatin
Easotic Gentamicin Hydrocortisone aceponate Miconazole
Osurnia Florfenicol Betamethasone Terbinafine
Otomax Gentamicin Betamethasone Clotrimazole
Posatex Orbifloxacin Mometasone Posaconozole
Surolan Polymyxin B Prednisolone Miconazole

a Note that there is some evidence from clinical trials that products that do not contain a specific acaricidal compound may nevertheless be effective at treating infestations of ear mites. The mode of action is unclear but the vehicle for these polypharmaceutical products may be involved.

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