Chemotherapy protocols

The metabolism of small mammals, birds and reptiles is markedly different from dogs, cats and humans. Therefore, extrapolation of doses is risky to the patient and extrapolation of safety data (such as the length of time that an animal may excrete a cytotoxic drug) is risky to the owners and staff handling the animals. The lack of any proper evidence base for the use of cytotoxic agents in these species means that any attempt to use them cannot be shown to be safe, either to the animal or to the people who come into contact with that animal. For this reason only limited information on doses of these agents is generally provided in the Formulary, other than for ferrets where established protocols have been published (see Chemotherapy protocols for ferrets). The use of these agents in other species should be undertaken with caution until such time as better monitoring facilities are available in veterinary practice and there are sufficient cases to undertake effective clinical trials.


  Webb JK, Graham JE, Burgess KE and Antinoff N (2019) Presentation and survival time of domestic ferrets ( ) with lymphoma treated with single-and multi-agent protocols: 44 cases (1998-2016). , 64–67

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