The continues to be one of the Association’s most valued practical resources for veterinary surgeons and is one of our key membership benefits. Whether used in hard copy or accessed via the App, the Formulary is an easy, rapidly accessible resource used on a daily basis by veterinary practitioners for immediate prescribing advice. For many BSAVA members the Formulary is their introduction to the Association, where they come to appreciate the value of this resource during the course of their clinical training.

The 9th edition of the has been sub-divided into two parts, and this, , volume accompanies the previously published volume launched in 2015. The canine and feline edition of the has been fully reviewed and updated, seeing the addition of 26 new drug monographs and the removal of a number of drugs no longer available. The expansion of the Formulary reflects the advances made in canine and feline veterinary medicine and the extensive choice of products now available. Additionally, the protocol section has also been revised and updated.

Professor Ian Ramsey and his team are to be congratulated on bringing out this new and updated 9th edition of the Formulary. 


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