Preface to the eleventh edition


Welcome to Part A of the 11th edition of the , providing fully reviewed and up-to-date information about medications used for the treatment of cats and dogs. Alongside several new monographs readers will notice the introduction of a splash of colour for each antibiotic medication. Given the One Health importance of antimicrobial resistance, the editorial team remain committed to promoting rational and tiered antibiotic selection. The colour code reflects the European Medicines Agency’s classification of antibiotics and reminds prescribers to seek an antibiotic that minimizes any danger to public health through the possible development of antimicrobial resistance.

Data relating to drug use, adverse reactions and drug interactions can change between print editions of the formulary; veterinary surgeons and nurses are reminded to also consult the online or app version of the Formulary and other reliable sources when confronted with a medication with which they are unfamiliar.

The Formulary provides information about many drugs not authorized for use in animals. Authorized products should be considered first but when such products are not available, are not clinically suitable, or are from a higher antibiotic tier, unauthorized medicines may be used in accordance with the cascade. In such cases, a clear clinical justification, made on an individual basis, should be recorded in the clinical notes or on the prescription.

I would like to thank the Editorial Panel members for their hard work in updating the monographs and developing a wealth of supplementary material for this edition. My sincere gratitude also goes to the editorial team members at BSAVA for driving this project forward with enthusiasm and good humour. Please do provide comments and feedback on this latest edition of the so that it can be further improved in the future. 


Fergus Allerton January 2023

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