The BSAVA Small Animal Formulary: Part B Exotic Pets has continued to develop into a unique compilation of information on authorized products, expert opinion and published evidence on an extensive number of medications for the increasing array of pet species presented in small animal practice. This invaluable publication provides both students and clinicians with an instantly accessible, current and reviewed resource when prescribing for species that may be seen less frequently in practice with very contrasting differences in drug doses, safety and metabolism factors. It is a hugely popular membership benefit and held in high regard in both the UK and around the world.

The 11th edition has been fully updated and sees an additional 7 new drug monographs added, detailing drug doses for an extensive variety of species including a wide variety of small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Each drug entry provides available data for formulations, action, uses, contraindications, drug interactions and adverse reaction risks alongside safety handling information in a simple alphabetical user-friendly format. Additionally, the 11th edition contains expanded sedation protocols for fish.

As per Part A: Canine and Feline, there is the important addition of a clear visual indicator on every antibiotic to show its European Medicines Agency (EMA) category with expanded guidelines explaining the EMA categories and promoting responsible use of antibiotics to protect public and animal health. In tandem with this there is a new appendix with guidance on the responsible use of parasiticides in companion animal practice.

Joanna Hedley and her team are to be congratulated on the valuable additions and updates to this must-have 11th edition of the BSAVA Small Animal Formulary for Exotic Pets.

BSAVA President 2022–2023

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