The has developed over the last few years from an appendix in the cat and dog Formulary to a standalone resource and is a reflection of the increasing popularity of the non-traditional pets. Busy small animal clinicians in both primary care and referral practice will find this evidence-based resource an invaluable help with immediate prescribing advice, especially for some of the more unusual exotic pets they can be presented with.

This new edition of the Formulary sees Joanna Hedley take up the editorial reins from Anna Meredith. Joanna has assembled a knowledgeable and experienced group of subject experts to review the Formulary, which has been completely updated. This comprehensive resource covers small mammals (including primates, sugar gliders and hedgehogs in addition to rodents, rabbits and ferrets), birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians, and contains twelve new drug monographs.

Joanna and her team are to be congratulated on bringing out this new and updated small animal exotic Formulary.

BSAVA President 2019–2020

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