Welcome to Part B of the 11th edition of the , covering those drugs used in exotic pets. Treatment of exotic pets can be challenging due to the wide variety of species and conditions that may be encountered, in addition to the many anatomical and physiological differences between the different species groups. Although our knowledge is progressing all the time, unfortunately there is still a lack of pharmacological studies and clinical efficacy trials for many commonly used drugs in these species. Consequently, many drug dosages are extrapolated from those used in other species or have been derived from anecdotal recommendations based on apparent clinical efficacy. As in the previous edition, primary references indicate where information is available, but for most drugs it is important to be aware that evidence is limited. Additional references are provided in the online version of the Formulary and we look forward to expanding this resource in the future.

Since the last edition, various new drugs have become available and information on other drugs has increased with some modifications to recommended dosages or treatment protocols. Some drugs have been deleted if they are no longer available or their use is no longer recommended. The majority of drugs listed are still not authorized for use in these species, so need to be prescribed via the cascade with informed client consent.

I would like to thank all the Editorial Panel members for their hard work reviewing each monograph and ensuring that dosages and evidence are as up-to-date as possible. I would also like to thank the BSAVA Publishing team at Woodrow House for all their editorial and administrative assistance, without which this Formulary would not have been possible.

January 2023

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