Welcome to this ninth edition of the , where Exotic Pets have their own dedicated section that includes pet fish and amphibians for the first time. Selecting appropriate medication for exotic species can be a challenge, especially as there are very few licensed products available and use of the prescribing cascade is frequently necessary. In addition, appreciation of the important differences in physiology and metabolism between the species groups, which may make them respond to and process drugs very differently, is essential to avoid potential toxicity or lack of efficacy.

Published dosing regimes that are evidence based and supported by appropriate pharmacokinetic and clinical efficacy trials are relatively scarce for exotic pets, and may not relate directly to the very wide range of species that can be encountered. Many of the published doses available in numerous texts on exotic species are essentially anecdotal and have become embedded, and are perpetuated by, repeated publication and subsequent self-reference. Although largely reliable, effective and safe, I feel it is important to be aware that these doses are not founded on clear evidence, other than extrapolation from other domestic species and/or perceived clinical efficacy. This edition makes it clear where doses are supported by a primary reference, and as information evolves and our knowledge base increases, updates will be available on the BSAVA website.

We hope that this separation of information from that for cats and dogs makes it easier to negotiate doses for exotic pets and that this new format is informative and easy to use, enabling more confident treatment of exotic pets in practice.

I would like to thank the dedicated hard work and expertise of my colleagues on the Editorial Panel who have reviewed each monograph for accuracy, relevance to exotic pets and primary evidence where available. I would also like to express sincere gratitude to the Publishing team at Woodrow House for their help, assistance and efficiency.

January 2015

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