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  • ISSN: 2041-2487
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Leo-Packham.gif Kieran-Borgeat.gif  Arterial thromboembolism in cats is a distressing presentation. In this article and of Langford Veterinary Services discuss the causes and treatment of this difficult condition.


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VIDEO 1  Right parasternal short axis echocardiographic view at the level of the aortic root in a 6-year old Exotic Shorthair cat with cardiomyopathy. Severe left atrial dilation and poor left atrial contractility can be seen, as can dense spontaneous echocontrast (‘smoke’) within the left atrium.

VIDEO 1  Oblique echocardiographic views looking at the left atrium in the Domestic Shorthair cat featured in Figure 2. A mobile thrombus is present, moving around the left atrium and posing an extremely high risk of sudden death or arterial thromboembolism.

  • Published online : 01 Mar 2021
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