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Liz-Bode.gif MARTINEZ-PEREIRA-Yolanda.gif  A basic echocardiography examination. Ultrasound machines are in widespread use in general practice though interpretation of images can be difficult. Relatively little expertise can expand their usefulness.


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VIDEO 1: Echocardiography examination (1)

Live echo loop of the right parasternal long-axis image and simultaneous ECG.

VIDEO 2: Echocardiography examination (2)

Right parasternal short-axis view at the level of the chordae tendinae.

VIDEO 3: Echocardiography examination (3)

Right parasternal short-axis view at the level of the mitral valve demonstrating the classic fish mouth appearance.

VIDEO 4: Echocardiography examination (4)

Loop of the right parasternal short-axis view at the level of the aorta and left atrium. The valve leaflets of the aorta look like a Mercedes Benz sign and the left atrium is comma shaped.

VIDEO 5: Pericardial effusion (1)

Pericardial effusion showing the heart suspended by anechoic fluid.

VIDEO 6: Pericardial effusion (2)

Tamponade of the right atrium can be appreciated in this dog with pericardial effusion.

VIDEO 7: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Spontaneous contrast (smoke-like appearance) within the left atrium of a cat.

VIDEO 8: Dilated cardiomyopathy in the dog

Note the severely dilated left atrium and ventricle together with the markedly reduced systolic function. There is also a low volume pericardial effusion present.

  • Published online : 01 May 2015
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