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Henrietta-Kodilinye-Sims.gif  Why is up-skilling in poultry medicine important? Have you buckled at the knees on seeing the word ‘chicken’ flash up on the appointment system? Rest assured – subsequent experience in the poultry industry has made clear these cases are often straightforward. from the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine and co-authors from the University of Liverpool, and and from the Animal Plant and Health Agency offer some welcome guidance.


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Video A  Bird presented for respiratory distress which actually had Capillaria infestation causing crop discomfort. Video with permission from Surrey Poultry Vet.

Video B  ‘Chicken cam’ video of hens housed overnight during hot weather with little ventilation, showing open-mouth breathing. Video with permission from Surrey Poultry Vet.

Video C  Ultrasound video of a hen with salpingitis. Concentric rings of hypo and hyperechogenicity represent the annular nature of salpingitis lesions. It can be imagined as a pyometra in a bitch with solid content. Video with permission from Henrietta Kodilinye- Sims.

Video D  Isolated, lethargic hen in respiratory distress. Video with permission from Surrey Poultry Vet.

Video E  Increased inspiratory sounds associated with the upper respiratory tract in a hen. Video with permission from Surrey Poultry Vet.

Video F  Lethargic bird, open-mouth breathing due to Syngamus trachea.

  • Published online : 01 Jun 2021
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