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  • ISSN: 2041-2487
  • E-ISSN: 2041-2495


Lowrie-Mark.gif , of Dovecote Veterinary Hospital, focuses on the unique practical aspects of the neurological examination in cats.


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Video 1: A cat demonstrating paresis in all four legs.

Video 2: A cat demonstrating ataxia in all four legs.

Video 3: A cat with cerebellar ataxia.

Video 4: A cat with vestibular ataxia.

Video 5: A cat with general proprioceptive ataxia of the pelvic limbs only.

Video 6: The menace response is a cortically mediated blink produced by a threatening or unexpected image suddenly appearing in the near visual field. It is present from about 10–12 weeks of age in cats. This response requires normal vision, intact facial nerve function as well as an intact cerebellum. A lesion anywhere along this pathway would cause a deficit.

  • Published online : 01 Jul 2019
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