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Caddy-Sarah.gif  Dr Sarah Caddy of the BSAVA Scientific Committee provides some advice to practitioners on estimating the age of kittens from their teeth to help with determining the timing of neutering. The online version includes an article 'The time and pattern of eruption of the permanent teeth of the cat' which is kindly made available to BSAVA members courtesy of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. This article is useful as it enables veterinarians to accurately determine how old cat are based on their dentition. This is important for determining a suitable age to neuter cats, as well as being useful for import/export purposes and evaluating suitability of various drugs.


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E. Berman. The time and pattern of eruption of the permanent teeth of the cat. Laboratory Animal Science 1974; 24: 929-931

  • Published online : 01 Aug 2019
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