Congress on Demand 2020

BSAVA Congress On Demand

This page provides information about how to access the 118 lectures that would have taken place at BSAVA Congress in April 2020These lectures were recorded by many of the globally recognised presenters who were scheduled to speak at Congress in 2020. Lectures are organised in topic collections plus a special collection for veterinary nurses (see below). Congress on Demand content is available to purchase at affordable prices, with some free content also available to enable you to try before you decide to buy. 

This page relates to recordings from BSAVA Congress 2020.  For information about the 2021 Congress lecture recordings visit our Congress on Demand 2021 page. For information about the 2022 Congress lecture recordings visit Congress on Demand 2022 page 

Purchase options for Congress on Demand 2020

A variety of purchasing options are available, see below.  Note that all purchases give you ongoing access to the lectures - you can return and play them again at any time, you just need to be connected to the internet. 

Buy the full proceedings: £180 (BSAVA members £120) Buy now

A single purchase that gives you access to all the Congress on Demand lectures from 2020, with a discount for BSAVA members. 

Buy an individual lecture: £25 (BSAVA members £12.50)

If you only require one or two lectures you can purchase these individually by clicking on the lecture, selecting the 'online access' button and proceeding to payment. If you have passes remaining from previously purchased library pass, or from your 5 free passes (BSAVA members), you can use these to access Congress on demand lectures.

Veterinary nursing lectures: £60 (BSAVA members £40) Buy now

The lectures in the veterinary nursing streams, together with selected lectures from the 'open to all' streams, are available for separate purchase (note purchase not required if you have purchased the full proceedings). 

Free content

Four Bourgelat lectures (included in the Internal medicine topic collection) and three Beyond The Clinics lectures (included in the Management, professional and personal development topic collection) are free to view, as are Exhibitor lectures.  These are indicated with a green open-padlock symbol. Lecture summaries that do not have an accompanying podcast recording are also freely available, as are all clinical abstracts.

How to find the lectures

There are a number of ways you can find the lectures of interest to you.  To access any lecture, click on the title then go to the podcasts tab to watch the lecture recording.  If you are using a mobile device, click on the 'hamburger' menu near the abstract to find the podcasts tab.

Topic collections

For your convenience we have grouped the lectures by topic into the following collections:

30 years at Birmingham

Anaesthesia, ECC and Surgery

Common consults



Exotic pets


Internal medicine



Management, professional and personal development

Veterinary nursing

Exhibitor lectures (FREE)

Browse the proceedings

The recorded lectures are available as part of the 2020 BSAVA Congress Proceedings - streams are listed in the order of the original congress programme.  The proceedings also includes free access to summaries of lectures not being recorded.


You can also use the main search box to search for a topic of interest to you, then use the filters on the left hand side to filter your results by product type=lecture, publication year=2020 and also by topic, animal type or author to further narrow your search.

Please note

Lecture recordings are provided as supplied by the speakers, and limited editing has been possible.

Clinical abstracts

The oral and poster clinical abstract presentations are free to read as part of the BSAVA Congress Proceedings. Many of the abstract presentations have been recorded (AUDIO RECORDING) and these are freely available with their associated abstracts:

Surgery incl Anaesthesia

Neurology, Private Practice, the Profession

Internal Medicine incl Diagnostic Imaging


View the full abstract sessions programme

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