BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging

image of BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging
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  • Edition: 1st
  • Edited by: Frances Harcourt-Brown and John Chitty
  • Format: PDF and HTML
  • Publication Date: January 2013
  • Number of Pages: 448
  • Print book ISBN 978-1-905319-41-1
  • e-Book ISBN 978-1-910443-16-3

Rabbits make up a considerable proportion of the caseload in small animal practice, and knowledge of rabbit medicine and surgery has grown rapidly in the past decade such that one BSAVA Manual is no longer enough to do justice to this important pet. This Manual concentrates on the major surgical and dental conditions that are so common in rabbits. To maximize surgical success, anaesthesia and analgesia are first discussed. A section on imaging follows the third part is devoted to surgical techniques and the final section is devoted to dental disease and abscessation.

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