Feline tracheobronchial disease

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Inflammatory airway disease is common in cats and primarily includes feline asthma and feline chronic bronchitis. While both are associated with substantial morbidity, feline asthma is associated with occasional acute mortality. This chapter will cover the salient features of both disorders. The chapter focuses on Feline asthma; and Chronic bronchitis.

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Image of 31.1
31.1 Lateral thoracic radiograph of a cat presenting in status asthmaticus. Note the hyperinflated lungs, which are indicative of air trapping.
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31.4 Use of a nebulizer to deliver an aerosol of salbutamol (0.5% solution) to a cat.
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31.5 Neutrophilic airway cytology from a cat with chronic bronchitis. Note the non-degenerate neutrophils admixed with moderately vacuolated macrophages and small lymphocytes. Diff Quick stain; original magnification X40. (Courtesy of L. Johnson.)
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