Clinical approach to mammary gland disease

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The mammary glands are modified skin glands, which are commonly affected by a variety of pathological conditions. The mammary glands are functionally related to hormone secretion from the ovaries, such that there may be an effect upon the mammary gland when there is ovarian pathology. The chapter considers normal anatomy and physiology; clinical approach; mammary gland diseases.

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17.1 Prolactin regulation and drugs that affect prolactin production. Prolactin inhibitory factors = red arrows; Prolactin-releasing factors = blue arrows.
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17.4 Radiographic appearance of metastatic pulmonary disease in a bitch and a queen.
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17.6 Acute mastitis. The mammary gland is reddish and swollen; the secretion is haemorrhagic. Gangrenous mastitis. The abscess has ruptured and necrosis is evident.
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17.7 Extensive nipple hyperplasia in a bitch.
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17.8 Canine mammary gland asymmetry.
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17.9 Supernumerary nipple.
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17.10 Fibroadenomatous hyperplasia in a queen after progestogen therapy.
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17.11 Clinical appearance of an inflammatory carcinoma. Radiographic findings of pulmonary metastasis.
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