Clinical approach to neonatal conditions

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Neonatal mortality in dogs and cats is lamentably high with up to 40% of off-spring dying before they reach 12 weeks of age. The chapter looks at diagnostic investigation; common presentations; general treatment considerations.

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16.1 Form to assess the amount of blood that can be drawn from a sick neonate to prevent excessive blood loss through phlebotomy. No more than 10% of the total blood volume should be drawn in the course of 1 week. Total blood volume is approximately 10% of the bodyweight. The shaded areas should be completed.
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16.2 Neonatal resuscitation form, including vitality (Apgar) scoring table, used at the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.
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16.3 Neonatal deaths in a research colony, averaged over 10 years. Puppies. Kittens.
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