Artificial insemination in dogs

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Artificial insemination is the process by which spermatozoa are placed into the reproductive tract of a female for the purpose of impregnation using means other than natural mating. This chapter looks at semen collection; semen examination; semen dilution and artificial insemination dose; freezing of semen; international movement of canine semen; timing of the insemination; insemination techniques; regulations, ethics and practice.

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9.1 Semen collection from a dog using a teaser bitch. The prepuce is manually deflected caudally and the penis gripped firmly behind the penile bulb, whilst the collector’s fingers constrict the base of the penis. Semen may be collected directly into a disposable plastic funnel.
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9.4 Commercial kits used for the transport of fresh semen.
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9.5 The Norwegian transcervical intrauterine catheter is available in three different sizes. At the bottom is a simple plastic catheter for intrauterine treatment in cows cut to an appropriate length for intravaginal AI in the bitch.
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9.6 AI using an intrauterine catheter. The plastic guiding tube is placed over the metal catheter to protect the catheter from contamination and the vaginal mucosa from the stainless steel pointed tip of the catheter. The tube also aids in stretching the vagina sufficiently to locate the cervix through the abdominal wall. The guide tube is inserted to the entrance of the false cervix, whilst the cervix is fixed in a horizontal position between the thumb and index fingers, and the tip of the catheter is inserted subsequently through the cervical canal using gentle pressure.
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