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Veterinary nurses are qualified professionals who have the knowledge and ability to identify debilitating conditions such as obesity, anorexia, ectoparasite infestation, endoparasitic infection, dental disease, arthritis and behavioural problems. It is therefore the duty of care of a veterinary nurse to ensure that owners are educated and supported to a level that prevents the above conditions impinging on their animal’s quality of life and causing unnecessary suffering. Preventive healthcare is not a new concept. For example, human medicine has been screening patients at risk of developing cancer prior to the onset of disease for many years. Veterinary nurses in practice are now starting to run screening and other health-enhancing clinics. This chapter details Planning; Paediatric clinics; Vaccination clinics; Kitten clubs; Puppy parties; Pet travel clinics; Weight management clinics; Palliative care and disease management clinics; Senior pet clinics; Client educational materials; and Practice charging structure.

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14.2 Veterinary nurses can provide important client education in the form of puppy parties. These are well attended and great fun for the puppies, owners and veterinary nurses.
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14.3 Puppy parties provide an opportunity to show owners how to handle their pets for a health check.
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14.6 The ideal set up for a puppy party.
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14.8 A healthy senior pet who made an ideal candidate to attend a screening clinic to ensure it was at a minimal risk of suffering from an undiagnosed condition.
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14.9 Wall displays can be used to encourage owner education and attendance at veterinary nurse-run clinics.
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