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Although veterinary nurses typically enter the profession because of their interest in the clinical care of animals, many soon find themselves involved in the administration of veterinary practices or other small businesses. In this context, it is important to appreciate the difference between administration and management. Administration is concerned with providing the efficient organization of a business. Although management incorporates aspects of adminstration, it also includes leadership and strategic development, which are not included in most definitions of administration and are not typical roles aof veterinary nurses within the practice as a whole. This chapter focuses on the administrative role that veterinary nurses may fulfil within a practice and the understanding of business systems required to appreciate this role. The chapter covers Administrative systems; Financial systems; Information technology; Human resources; and Marketing.

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13.1 Drug stock management in veterinary practice.
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13.3 An example of a cash book. Payments made out of the business. Recording the type of expense is necessary for tax as some expenses are allowable, so reducing the amount of tax payable. Receipts into the business.
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13.6 An example of a profit and loss statement.
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13.7 An example of a balance sheet.
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13.9 Computer network in a veterinary practice.
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13.15 Interviewing a candidate for the night staff telephonist position.
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