Feline blood groups and blood typing

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The basis of the feline blood group system was defined many years ago, and the clinical importance of these molecules in mediating blood transfusion reactions and neonatal isoerythrolysis (NI) in cats has long been recognized. This chapters looks at the feline blood group system; feline haemolytic transfusion reactions; feline neonatal isoerythrolysis; feline blood typing.

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33.3 The DMS Laboratories feline blood typing card. In this test the three wells in the card are first ‘activated’ by the addition of diluent and then patient blood is added to each. After mixing and incubation the result is determined by inspection. In this card the presence of agglutination in the anti-A well indicates that the cat is of blood group A. Reproduced from
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33.4 The DiaMed Gel Test system for feline blood typing. The six columns formed in this plastic card allow typing of two cats. From left to right the columns are negative control, B blood group antigen and A blood group antigen, and then a repeat of these for the second sample. A suspension of washed feline RBCs has been added to the reservoir above each column and the card has then been centrifuged. For both of the cats tested here, red cells have passed through the gel matrix to collect at the base of columns 1 (control) and 2 (anti-B reagent). The RBCs have collected at the top of the gel matrix in column 3 (anti-A reagent). This identifies both cats as being of blood group A.
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33.5 The Alvedia Quick Test system for feline blood typing. The left-hand end of this immunochromatographic strip has been inserted previously into a suspension of feline blood cells, and these have migrated through the strip matrix to interact at specific points with typing reagents (positions B and A). A control (C) reaction is also included. This test is validated by the presence of the control line and shows that the cat is of blood type AB.
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